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Hollaaaaa Kreatifnessssss! Nd harap korang dapat mulakan arini dengan baik tanpa sebarang anasir hujung minggu ehhh, al maklumlaaaa kannn..it’s Monday! Okay guys, jom tengok apa ND nak share arini.. Harini Nd nak share dengan korang salah satu konsep kek untuk majlis korang nanti.. Wahhhh, rasa macam lama sangat ND tak update tips and idea kat korang..Cake is one of the important thing yang korang semua kena prepare okehhhh! If no cake, so how could you do cake cutting ? Rugi laaa nanti kannnnn, abis memory potong cake korang nanti kalau takde cake. Nah :.

[mkd_blockquote text=”Korang may choose an edible white or ivory color and accent it with fresh or lifelike sugar flowers and leaves.”]

This concept is so suitable to those couple yang buat concept rustic, garden or any modern concept.. Many couples want their cakes to taste as delicious as they are beautiful, and a natural, inimalist woodland aesthetic is a great way to let the cake and frosting do all the talking. To get the look, Korang may choose an edible white or ivory color and accent it with fresh or lifelike sugar flowers and leaves. The display can really help you carry out the look here too and this is what ND pasti ia akan jadi sangat menarikkkkk! One pretty idea is to order a simple white cake and place it on top of a wood tree ring surrounded by moss and foliage. The resulting treat will be both rustic and refined right?
So may cut your badget, no need to spend much in this cake.. Just order plain white cake, then decorate by your self! Yeahhhhhhh! Now jom cuci mata tengok few Woodland wedding cake yang admin dah prepare tuk koranggg..aicehhh ;p
Okay, apapun hope it will helpful to you, sampai sini dulu untuk harini, See you girllssss again! Take care!.

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